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How to save money on appliance repair

The team at ASH Appliance can help you save money on appliances repairs by using taking note of these helpful tips.

  • It is always important to follow all of the manufacturer’s instructions in relation to your appliance.
  • With your washer always use the recommended brand or style or laundry liquid or powder. This is vital if your machine uses low suds formulas for less water use.
  • Be careful to never overload your washers and dryers and this will cause unnecessary wear on moving parts.
  • Avoid putting rugs and mats with a rubber backing into your washer and dryer as will clog up the filters and pumps and cause overheating and increased loads on the motors. This is a sure way to have to call our appliance repair team out.
  • Always clean the lint filter in your clothes dryer after every load. This is a leading cause of overheating and can lead to house fires.
  • Always use the manufacturer’s recommended dishwashing powder and cleaner for your dishwasher. A dirty dishwasher won’t leave you with clean dishes.
  • Keep the pipes clean by using a cleaner as it keeps them working efficiently and free from germs.
  • Ensure that the exposed coils of your refrigerator are free from dust. This can lead to overheating and inefficient use of power.
  • When cooking on your cook top always match the pot or pan to the element size. A small pot on a large element means that some of the element is not covered and can lead to the element burning out and the pot handles getting very hot and causing you a severe burn injury.
  • Always wipe down your appliances and keep them clean. The appliance will last longer and work more effectively.
  • Always clean your oven after roasting meats as the fatty deposits can build up in corners and on the light and fan housing. It will run more efficiently when clean.

If you follow these tips you will save money on both appliance repair and power bills.